Tanel Veenre


Tanel Veenre creates mystical worlds with freely chosen rules using jewellery, contrasting reality and faith with something imaginary. In order to fight the attack of mediocrity he has decided to accept the hints from muses and implemented these bits into his service.
(Herke Vaarmann, 11.12.09, Sirp)

The collection "Dust, Universe & Queen" was born from the wish to create something light, energetic and original. Thus a series of earrings covered with pigment, plastic and cosmic dust came into being – each piece of jewellery is indeed unique. In addition, this series is distinctive in comparison to Veenre's other unique creation due to its less expensive price.

Veenre believes that a true friend of nature purchases the author's creation. These are not just anonymous gimcrackery bought for one evening from mass production goods, but a bridge between two persons – the author and the art-lover.

Veenre wishes to fulfil his dreams and inspire others to realise their dreams too!

Tallinn Dolls


Tallinn Dolls is a ready-to-wear clothing brand that includes all outstanding Estonian fashion designers and artists. In addition to high-quality design, each product has the imprint and reflects the nature characteristic of the doll world.

Tallinn Dolls is 100 grams of classic beauty, infinity of style, a tasteful amount of boldness and a pinch of feminine spice. It is outstanding, shiny and playful, but still suitable for everyday use – everything that suits a woman's wardrobe.

Tallinn Dolls is a brand that produces small batches and emphasises rather the peculiarity and uniqueness of clothes. Mass production does not belong to their repertoire.

Tallinn Dolls makes Tallinn popular :)

Võru `82


Võru '82 is the predecessor of the producer of legendary Tartu sneakers that were manufactured in Võru from 1982. The footwear of young product designer Maarja Mõtus is made in a small district of an Estonian town. Local creation is a rising value.

Võru '82 sneakers are made from real leather; recycled denim fabric bears the idea of valuing the old. As the footwear is manufactured in Estonia, the collection expresses reasonable consumption, care for the local culture and production.

Võru '82 sneakers offer a new alternative to shoes made on the other side of the world in unknown conditions that have wasted fuel by travelling around the globe to reach its wearer.

In the future Võru '82 will try its luck abroad as well.

Anni Jürgenson


A young talent Anni Jürgenson first gathered fame around the world with her fashion blog. Now she creates earrings to those who wish to stand out, irrespective of their age and gender. Jürgneson values things that are memorable, but have a simple design.

All products are hand-made. The main materials are metal wire and natural feathers, whereby the material used and left over is minimal.

Jürgenson would like to expand her product selection and develop new and exciting ways to wear jewellery.

Karin Luuk


Karin Luuk graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2010 obtaining a master's degree in textile design.

In 2009 she received Mari Adamson Award of the best textile student of the year and in 2010 the Estonian young designer award SÄSI.

The collection "Mine Metsa!" ("Go to the forest!", figuratively "Get lost!") contains interactive wallpapers, animal-shaped pillows, soft broaches and T-shirts that can be coloured. A selection of animal-shaped pillows is available at Nordic Look.

The whole collection has been inspired by the incredible nature of Estonia. Luuk wishes to remind everyone that humans are a part of the nature. GO TO THE FOREST – come out of your room, get to know Estonian nature, notice an animal and even if you cannot go to the forest, feel the nature in the city! Be attentive, patient and move without making much noise!

Luuk wishes to send people to the forest in the future, too.

Kirill Safonov


Kirill Safonov is a textile and fashion designer who creates pillows, denim jackets and T-shirts. His denim jackets are made from used jeans and sewed in Safonov's application technique; the designer's collages in computer graphics have been added. T-shirts (MAKI shirts) are 100% cotton.

Safonov's products are shamelessly embroidered and boldly decorative. Each detail of his creation radiates exaggeration. The form becomes content at one point by increasing baroque ornamentation to the maximum.

Safonov values beauty – fashion is just a game and bold theatricality is the rule of this game.

Thus his clothes praise pop-culture and camp style.